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Attorney Chad Schaub

“Guero Gigante” gets his name because he is 6’7″. Chad is co-founder and managing partner at Big Chad Law (Formerly Big Horn Law of Arizona), is a sixth-generation Arizonan, and loves this great state, the history behind it, and his great pioneer heritage.

A married father of 5 amazing children, Guero Gigante is an experienced attorney, dedicated to helping his clients win big. Chad has no limits when it comes to offering his client the best service and representation possible.

Practice Areas

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are the victim of an accident or personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may not be aware of your rights and of how the process works. You need a personal injury lawyer. Don’t be rushed into a decision to settle by an insurance company, or fail to get the medical attention you need.

It’s not uncommon for those who have been physically injured to also experience emotional and mental suffering as well, such as depression and anxiety. You may feel immobilized and distressed physically and emotionally.

Even though going through a painful and serious personal injury can be one of the most devastating and difficult experiences of your life, the physical and mental anguish you go through should not be endured alone. Nor should the burden, both emotional and financial, fall exclusively on you and your family.

Guero Gigante has helped victims and their families find justice for years. My personal dedication to getting you the compensation you deserve is a personal goal.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident or due to someone else’s negligence, or if you’re not sure of whether or not you need a personal injury lawyer, please call for a free and fair evaluation of your situation.

Your Auto Accident Attorney

It only takes a moment and your life can change after an auto accident. It can be overwhelming to confront the decisions you face after an injury. What are your options? Can you afford treatment? Do you need an auto accident attorney? What if things get worse? It may seem manageable now, but will it always be?

It’s not uncommon for those who have been hurt physically to also experience emotional and mental suffering as well, such as depression and anxiety. You may feel immobilized physically and emotionally.

Often times auto accidents can lead to traumatic injuries and damage that can be a huge financial drain on anyone.  Hiring an auto accident attorney can get you the compensation you need to get your life back.

When you’ve suffered these injuries due to another person’s negligence, you should be compensated financially for all the ways in which your suffering will impact your life. Compensation for your injuries will correlate with your injuries’ seriousness, as well as how they will impact your future.

I have helped victims and their families find justice for years. If you’re not sure of whether or not you need an auto accident attorney, please call for a free and fair evaluation of your situation.

When to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

A biker involved in an accident does not have the benefit of airbags or other safety features commonly outfitted for the typical automobile. Even with years of riding and defensive driving experience, a collision can result in serious injuries. Insurance companies will often stereotype a motorcycle rider as reckless simply for being a biker. Know your rights. If you’ve suffered an injury after an accident, it’s time to hire a motorcycle accident injury lawyer.

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, the amount of compensation you ultimately receive from a negligent driver depends on the experience and skills of the motorcycle accident injury lawyer you hire to represent you. You need an advocate to fight for medical expenses, lost income, and additional damages.

Do I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

When someone dies in an accident that is the fault of a third party, it is a wrongful death. The third party can be a driver in a car crash, a building owner responsible for many types of conditions, a creator of a faulty product, or any person responsible for a situation which caused a wrongful death.

A wrongful death can be a very painful experience that is often financially costly and time-consuming. The family has significant medical expenses, final expenses for the deceased, and a loss of years of income and benefits. While there is no legal remedy for your family’s pain, the law allows the spouse or children of the deceased to seek monetary compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death attorney can help seek compensation to provide for your family’s security after a loss.

Let us help you through these steps in your most difficult time. Our compassionate and experienced wrongful death attorneys are here to help. Please contact us today and we will help guide you through the process.


Your Immigration Attorney

The starting point to handle your immigration issue is the consultation. An experienced immigration attorney here at Bighorn Law will start by learning your immigration story. Next you will discuss options and work through a plan to get the results you want.

Together you will go over what to expect with fees, costs, timelines and what to do next. Everything you discuss is secure and confidential so it is necessary that you are completely open about all aspects of your situation. We are here to help you and information unknown to the attorney can hurt you.

Going into the consultation you must be prepared to act on your options. You will be free to ask questions and the attorney will encourage you to take action after explaining our fees for each option available to you. Your consultation will generally last 30 minutes.

If you are ready to take action after learning your options, please call and schedule a consultation today. We can meet with you in person, over the phone or via internet video conference.

The Law & Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested, facing county jail or federal prison, a criminal indictment or are the potential suspect of a criminal investigation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

You deserve competent and knowledgeable representation. At Bighorn Law, we can help lead you through the arduous waters of the State and Federal Criminal Justice system.

A criminal defense lawyer is there to research facts, help investigate your case, and protect your rights while pursuing every legal option available to you. Call us now, or simply fill out the contact form with the best time to reach you, and tell us your story. We’re here to listen, we’re here to help.

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